Environmental management policy and objectives

Environmental management policy and objectives

KLS Company responsibly manages the protection of the environment, pollution prevention and thus conservation of environment. KLS implements its activities in the local community according to the corporate social responsibility principle.

Our responsibility in the field of environmental management is maintained through compliance with relevant legislation and other environmental regulations adopted at the company level. We reduce environmental burden by rational use of electric energy, oil and emulsion use management as well as waste sorting for recycling and re-use. Consequently this entails cost reduction and increases our competitive edge. Implementation of adopted policy is constantly monitored by our management. They also define objectives in specific fields of work and regularly check reached objectives.

Risk assessment and reduction as well as opportunities detection for improvement of environmental management policy are the building blocks of our constant progress.

Our management is committed to the implementation of the environmental management policy by all KLS’ employees. What is more, the environmental management policy is presented to all persons and companies cooperating with KLS. Lastly, the policy is also available to general public.

Okolica KLS Ljubno d.d.

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We support:

  • Education, over 30 internships annually and scholarships to 19 students
  • Sports, Ski jumping, Volley-ball Club KLS, Ljubno ob Savinji
  • Cultural events, The Zgornja Savinjska dolina Brass section orchestra
  • Volunteer work, voluntary local Fire Brigade