Quality policy

Quality policy

We believe quality to be a sales argument. That is why we have a wider understanding of the notion quality policy.

Firstly, our production processes are planned and developed in accordance with high degree of reliability. Moreover, the share of delivered poor-quality products is very low. These are mainly detected during manufacturing and are not delivered to customers. Consequently our quality ranking with customers is on average less than 5 ppm. In addition, for two consecutive years we have reached "6 sigma" at ppm and less than two claims per million delivered products.

Secondly, the quality of our work is also apparent in on time deliveries of ordered products. Our deliveries are never late. We do our best to accommodate our customers, including in case of "last-minute" changes.

Thirdly, we offer the best possible technical support, quality and cost-effective solutions as well as quality products deliveries at first attempt and on expected delivery time to our customers already in the phase of product design, prototypes and initial samples manufacturing.

Next, we are fully aware that quality products are not possible with products control only. Therefore, a lot of attention is given to testing technical adequacy of products, materials, technological procedures, reliability of production processes and knowledge of employees. To this end we maintain close relations with our customers and suppliers in order to align as much as possible our and their expectations.

Flexibility and adaptability to special requirements of our customers are crucial to us. We monitor our customers’ satisfaction and we adopt measures necessary to maintain their high level of satisfaction with our products and services quality.

The highest quality

At delivered products we reach:

  • Less than 1 PPM
  • Less than 1 claims per million delivered products