Human resources development and policy

Human resources development and policy

KLS is a good employer. Constant progress of the company is the source for creation of new jobs and employment of new co-workers. We strive to build good relations between employees. Our mutual relationships are based on mutual respect.

We cooperate with elementary and high schools and higher education institutions from our region. Thus already the pupils are given the opportunity to get to know different professions. High school and higher education institutions students can enrol on industrial placement and through this attain practical experience during mandatory industrial placement and summer work with the aim to be able to successfully become one of our employees after they finish school.

We are aware that satisfied and professionally qualified employees are very important for prosperous business of the company as well as constant competitiveness increase thereof.

Our human resources policy rests on the growing number of key personnel among our employees. We strive to recruit a growing number of the most responsible technical and management staff as much as possible via vertical mobility inside our company.

Demanding production processes, high quality products and services, skills required for cooperation and market, products and production processes development all call for professional employees with specific skills, which they have to acquire and develop after finishing school and becoming a part of our company.

Innovation is expected from all employees, in particular from technical and management staff. In order to become one of the key personnel one has to prove innovative spirit.

Successful work is founded on responsibility. The responsibility of the company towards our customers and other business partners equals the responsibility of each employee. It is expected from our employees to perform their work qualitatively and promptly and to claim all necessary responsibility. Employees who have not confirmed their personal responsibility cannot be part of key personnel.

An essential ingredient of our human resources policy is affiliation and loyalty to the company. Our business culture stresses ethical behaviour at work, in personal conduct, in mutual relationships as well as in communication inside and outside the company.

Continuing learning assures competitive position

We look for co-workers who are:

  • Responsible
  • Pro-active
  • Positive
  • Team workers