Business culture and policy

Business culture and policy

KLS' business culture is based on a high level of mutual respect of all involved in reaching objectives of our company. KLS is a socially responsible company and we feel responsible towards our customers, co-workers, owners, suppliers and environment. We are a service oriented company.

Company’s basic objective is a long-term successful and stable business activity. In order to reach that objective constant progress and development of the company are necessary. For a company to have a constant and successful development, substantial financial investments in market, products, processes and staff development are required. Thus the company has to constantly operate with added value that allows long-term optimum business activity and company development. By optimum business activity we understand constant increase of satisfaction of customers, owners, employees, suppliers and local community.

This objective is reachable only by means of products deliveries to world’s most advanced customers and by increasing our market share on the global market. Therefore our most important concern is dedicated to delivering to our customers products which entirely comply with their requirements and expectations regarding products and services quality, prompt deliveries and at the same time fulfilling all their special requirements.

We are fully aware that quality products are not possible with products control only. Therefore, a lot of attention is given to materials, technological procedures, reliability of production processes and knowledge of employees. To this end we maintain close relations with our customers and suppliers in order to align as much as possible our and their expectations.

Whilst implementing our business policy we encounter strong global competition from producers of the same products. That is why constant improvement of products quality, delivery modes and due dates as well as fast reaction to our customers’ requirement and the situation on the market are of utmost importance. To maintain our competitive edge we constantly try to reduce costs. To this end we optimize specific costs, which are determined with periodical objectives and are regularly verified.

We know that quality products, productivity growth and the capability of prompt deliveries while preserving the environment are possible only by efficient common and professional work of all employees, which is incorporated in all KLS’ plans.

The realisation of planned business policy and objectives is possible via company management’s running of the company. They use the achieved results to constantly improve quality of work and satisfaction of all who cooperate with us.

Flexibility and adaptability to special requirements of our customers are crucial to us. We monitor our customers’ satisfaction and we adopt measures necessary to maintain their high level of satisfaction with our products and services quality.

Self-respect is our foundation

Since 1974 we have been providing:

  • Employment possibilities
  • Development
  • Support to local community