KLS Donation 2013

Donation to the Zgornjesavinjski Community health centre Mozirje and Celje General Hospital

KLS has fulfilled the plans and reached all major goals of our business in 2013. We have performed well.

In accordance with our policy of social responsibility, we have dedicated part of our profit to cooperation and support of humanitarian and sports activities as well as cultural events in our local area. A substantial part of our financial means has been dedicated to support to various projects. The largest share has been allocated to the two following projects:

  • Celje General hospital: to co-finance the purchase of a new delivery bed for the maternity hospital;
  • Zgornjesavinjski Community health centre Mozirje: to co-finance the purchase of a new ambulance for the transport of patients to oncological treatment and dialysis patients.

The solemn ceremony of the handing out of both donations took place on Tuesday, 26th November 2013 in the lobby of KLS Company in Ljubno.

KLS Donation 2013 to Zgornjesavinjski Health centre Mozirje and Celje General hospital

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Major news

  • KLS was awarded EY Family Business of the Year Award 2017
  • Our General Manager Mirko Strašek was honoured with the Slovene enterpreneur of the year 2017 award.
  • The celebration of the 100-millionth manufactured product.

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