Mr Strašek awarded by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

Bogomir Strašek, General Manager of KLS Ljubno d.d. has been awarded for outstanding economic and entrepreneurial achievements.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia awarded 43. Award for outstanding economic and entrepreneurial achievements in March 2011 at Cankarjev dom. Among winners of the award this year was also General Manager of KLS Ljubno d.d. Bogomir Strašek.

Explanation of the jury

The KLS Company has become one of the most important automobile industry suppliers, in Europe and else in the world, during last 15 years. The company, run by Mr. Bogomir Strašek, has excellent market and R&D parameters, confirmed by low share of costs in the added value as well as added value and income per employee growth, which are above industry average. Orientation into export of products is evident in the high market share on foreign markets. The company masters with its products, the Starter Ring Gears, 40 % of the European and 12 % of global market. The Rings are built in engines of 26 car producers, where they managed to record sale growth even during the overall automobile industry crisis. The R&D stance with more than 30 % share of new product in the last two years, investments in robots and expansion of the production plant all ensure further company growth. With the overall goal of maximum organisation and optimisation the company has introduced various programs and working processes methods. More than two thirds of employees are engaged in at least one or more forms of training. The success of the company has been backed by international and national awards in addition to the fact that the general manager, Mr. Bogomir Strašek, is actively involved in several forums on the regional level and the winner of the golden award of the local municipality.

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Major news

  • KLS was awarded EY Family Business of the Year Award 2017
  • Our General Manager Mirko Strašek was honoured with the Slovene enterpreneur of the year 2017 award.
  • The celebration of the 100-millionth manufactured product.

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