Donation to General hospital Celje

KLS business policy dictates continuous increase of products and services quality as well as increase of customer satisfaction. Business culture and policy of KLS have a long-term attitude towards continuous and gradual increase of satisfaction of all who are directly and indirectly involved in our development and progress and through their activities offer support to our development.

Predaja donacije SB Celje 2011

Social responsibility and attitude towards local community have an important place in our business policy. We understand corporate social responsibility in our own way. We understand it differently than those who constantly repeat: “What has the country done for me?” Instead we should ask ourselves: “What can I or we do for our country?” We believe we have to achieve good business results which would enable us and all who cooperate with us continuous progress and development. This business policy has been a part of our everyday activities for some time now. By increasing the quality of our work and by innovative solutions we are achieving better results every year. We have become a good company, the fact confirmed to us by our customers and business partners. We are constantly increasing our reputation in European and global business world.

KLS Company has been offering support to local community in many ways: to voluntary local fire brigades, cultural and sports events, based on volunteer work. A part of our profit is every year dedicated to various donations. This year such a donation of 5.000,00 EUR has been given to General hospital Celje for co-financing of costs of prostate cancer surgeries done with a robot.

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Major news

  • KLS was awarded EY Family Business of the Year Award 2017
  • Our General Manager Mirko Strašek was honoured with the Slovene enterpreneur of the year 2017 award.
  • The celebration of the 100-millionth manufactured product.

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